Bachelor of Social Sciences
Full-time studies
Duration – 3,5 years
Part-time studies – 3,5 years
Language – English or Lithuanian
Location – Vilnius
Tuition fee per year: 3400 EUR (+application fee 100 EUR for non EU students)

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About the programme

The labour market of the twenty-first century increasingly prefers professionals who are able to control and link different areas in a highly qualitative and professional manner. The modern and innovation-based entertainment and tourism degree program develops skills for simultaneous Jobson both entertainment and tourism companies. Therefore, the specialist not only plans, but also sells leisure products, harmoniously coordinates the entertainment, creating their attractive marketing and thus marking the need of the society of the twenty-first century to both travel, and entertain.

The programme of studies includes the fields of tourism and hospitality management, technology and marketing. Tourism and recreational activities, innovations and trends coherently linked with the broad, current cultural industry are consistently studied: from the management and marketing of tourism companies to the latest forms of the cyber tourism, from the organisation of concerts and sports events to the management of computer games and the modern cinema industry processes. The program of studies is broad and interdisciplinary, and the entertainment and tourism sector is some of the most growing areas of modern business.

The exclusivity of the programme is it’s harmonious integration with modern entertainment and tourism activities; this combination creates the preconditions for the development of innovative ideas, new interdisciplinary approaches, which create innovative media and value-added to the modern and integrated industries of experience, leisure, and smartest acknowledges.

Program unique features

Small group of students,

individual attention to each student

Possibility to combine studies and work

Focus on the creative outcome, not only on the formal process

After graduation you will be able to:

  • Plan and organize entertainment events;
  • To guide and advise tourism / event companies;
  • Use smart technologies for communication in the entertainment and tourism industries;
  • Perform market analysis of tourism / entertainment business and anticipate market development opportunities;
  • Develop and sell a marketable tourism / entertainment product, understanding market needs and foresight;
  • To follow the principles of sustainable environment both in the development of tourism / entertainment product and activities;
  • Think creatively, both through generating creative project ideas individually and through teamwork.

Career prospects

Study subjects

  • Intercultural communication
  • Entertainment and tourism business
  • Tourism Services and Geography
  • Gastronomy
  • E-tourism
  • Integrated marketing communications
  • Tourism and Entertainment Policy
  • Intellectual property law
  • Entertainment and Tourism Market Research and Statistics
  • Hospitality business
  • Audiovisual technologies
  • Multimedia and Computer Design
  • Electronic marketing
  • Logistics
  • Game industry
  • Hotel business
  • Extreme entertainment
  • Ecotourism
  • Sports industry
  • Organization of tourist excursions
  • Social network communication
  • Event management

Academic staff