Bachelor of Social Sciences
Full-time studies
Duration – 3,5 years
Languages – English
Tuition fee per year: 3400 EUR (+application fee 100 EUR for non EU students)
Location – Vilnius

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For a personality, who is...

sociable and communicative,

likes to write,

understands that language is an instrument of self-expression,

interested in what is happening in the public domain,

wants to understand the causes and consequences of these ends,

interested in the state management processes,

wants to work in an exciting, dynamic job requiring analytical thinking.


Wants to become a...

political communication manager,

press and public relations representative,

political campaign organizer,

reporter, journalist or editor,

expert of civil and democratic media,

specialist of social networking.

Wants to be able to...

use appropriate media and social media tools that in performing communication projects

develop an independent, civil and democratic media,

perform and coordinate the dissemination of political realities,

mediate between political authorities and the media representatives,

forecast and analyze the public opinion about political realities.

About the program

The program of studies of Political Communication and Journalism trains journalists of a new generation who are able to use the latest technology, make strategies policy and adjust communication in the social environment. During the studies students will be introduced to the political phenomenon, as part of a very broad culture. The policy covers both the private and public human life and requires good presentation and publicity in the general society, concentrated expression of the prevailing opinion of the majority, discussing and even identification of the public interest.

For this reason, students will study information wars, propaganda mechanisms, socio-cultural media, media economics and law, and subjects of various other fields. They all allow to realize that with the growing complexity of the political background and processes, the program of Political Communication and Journalism Studies will cover the results of various humanitarian, social and even technological research and innovations stemming from them. They are changing the landscape of journalism and the journalist’s mission.

The program of studies provides competences that enable to reflect even the changes in the global political climate, to present them differently to different social groups, to promote civic participation, public awareness and critical thinking. A journalist with a good understanding of politics not only represents the leaders on the political arena, by presenting their solutions, programs, electoral campaigns, but also social movements, strengthening their power in the public space.

Studijuojami dalykai:

Anglų kalba / Ekonomika / Europos daugiapakopė valdžia ir vieninga komunikacinė erdvė / Informaciniai karai / Integruotos marketingo komunikacijos / Intelektinės nuosavybės teisė / Kūrybinis rašymas / Kūrybos ekonomika / Masinės komunikacijos istorija ir teorija / Medijos ir propaganda / Medijų technologijos / Pilietinė žiniasklaida / Politikos sociologija / Politinės komunikacijos teorija / Redagavimas / Reportažo metodika /  Šiuolaikinės stiliaus koncepcijos / Socialinių medijų komunikacija / Sociokultūrinės medijos / Sociologija / Specialybės kalba / Tiriamoji žurnalistika / Žiniasklaidos ekonomika / Žiniasklaidos įmonių / Socialinė atsakomybė / Žiniasklaidos teisė / Žurnalistikos žanrai ir stiliai