If you would like to study at the KSU for an academic year or semester and then transfer your credits to your home university, you can apply for exchange student status. You can be considered as an exchange student if there is a valid ERASMUS+ programme between your home university and the KSU.

International exchange students who plan to study at the KSU for up to one year are not required to take entrance examinations. The admission decision will be made by KSU.


If you would like to study as an Erasmus+ exchange student at the KSU, then there should be an agreement between our universities. Contact your home university International Office to see if there is agreement between KSU and your Home University.

Enrolment Procedure

1. You can start application process after your home university has sent a nomination email.

2. After you was nominated, please send the required application documents:

  1. Copy of the passport/ID;
  2. Copy of the latest Transcript of Records (in English);
  3. Application form. (PDF, Word)

Please send these documents duly filled, signed and scanned to: international@ksu.lt  Kindly note that all documents for 2017 Autumn semester must be sent before the deadline: 20th April.

3. Then we will send you Letter of Acceptance if your documents are in order.

4. Prepare, sign and send to international@ksu.lt the Learning Agreement. The deadline: 15th May.

The Autumn semester will start on 6th September and ends on 31st January 2018. This is including the orientation week and all exams.

Courses for exchange students in English for 2017 autumn - 2018 spring semester


2017 autumn
Courses ECTS
1 English Language 6
2 Lithuanian Language 6
3 Integrated Marketing Communication 6
4 Economics 6
5 Financial Accounting 6
6 Statistics 6
7 XX-XXI a. Culture Research 6
8 Legal History 6
9 Business Mathematics 6
10 Business and Management Theories 6
11 Logic 6
12 Intercultural Communication 6


2018 spring
Courses ECTS
1 English Language 6
2 Lithuanian Language 6
3 Management Accounting 6
4 Corporate Finance Management 6
5 Female Image in Western Culture 6
6 Roman Law 6
7 Comparative Constitutional Law 6
8 Philosophy 6
9 Business and Management Theories 6
10 Intercultural Communication 6

Description of Accommodation: Students House.

International coordinator
Vaiva Poškaitė-Tomaševič

Tel. +370 5 250 7443
Mob. +370 686 34423
E-mail international@ksu.lt