Master of Communications
Part-time studies
Duration – 1,5 years
Language – English
Location – Vilnius
Tuition fee per year: 4100 EUR (+application fee 100 EUR for non EU students)

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For a personality, who...

is interested in culture and creativity,

is a creative part of society,

stands out with unconventional, critical thinking,

is able to seamlessly communicate and disseminate the message of interest to others.

Wants to become...

a sought-after specialist, manager or supervisor in creative business, design and digital technology companies, creative industries organizations, state and municipal authorities of communication units as well as public sector organizations shaping the development of creative and cultural industries.

Wants to be able to...

perform and great strategy of integrated communication projects,

manage, organize, and communicate creative activities and businesses,

communicate messages about the realization and the commercialization of ideas,

expanding brand awareness,

perform effective communication in social media,

organize and implement the integrated communication research.

About the Programme

Creativity plays a major role in integrated communication project work in marketing campaigns, building the image and implementing brands in the market, monitoring consumer behavior and their needs, in managing and changing the plans of communication processes, engaging in public projects of social media and identifying the value of creative products. By merging the areas of the public, the creator and the consumer, creative communication professionals work in the public and private sector, manage and test the products of media communications, digital technology, and social innovation. Excellent orientation in the field of integrated communication allows the implementation of creative public and creative economy strategies for the development of the leading role of the European Union at the international and even intercontinental level.

Large businesses and internationally active public institutions, creating, ensuring and implementing innovation in practice, determining changes in the landscape of society and development, always look for personalities capable of interdisciplinary thinking and working in a changing environment. Research shows that integrated creative communication professionals are just like that. It is forecasted that in the future they will not only hold the positions of company managers of the rating in the field of innovation, but also generate the greatest profits. Therefore, integrated creative communications professionals are characterized by pervasive and wide outlook, are able to adapt to the changing communication, technology and policy, combine and use different communication models, manage technologies, conduct and are based on scientific research in solving the problems of public relations, management, marketing, etc.


Creative economy / Creative society / Creative communication / Intellectual property / Postmodern aesthetics / Visual culture / Creative innovation / Communication research methodology / Design driven innovation / Development of the creative knowledge society / Integrated communication / Master thesis


Bachelor degree in Communication, Social Science and Humanities.

English language skills – level B2.