Target audience:

– Accountable managers;
– Nominated persons;
– Aircraft maintenance professionals.

The program is suitable for personnel who are new to the subject matter, or are already familiar with the fundamentals of the subject but require formal training to improve their knowledge & practical understanding.


1 day –  6 hours.


Lithuanian, English, Russian.


Dariaus ir Girėno str. 21, Vilnius, Lithuania.


  1. Inside Basic Regulation – Continuing Airworthiness and Part-66 relation with other parts of Regulation 1321/2014.
  2. Part 66 – Purpose, Structure  and Definitions.
  3. Part 66 – Section A – Technical Requirements:
    License categories and aircraft groups;
    Application for the license:
    – Maintenance experience documentation;
    – Training documentation;
    Maintenance license privileges – from category A to category C;
    – Line maintenance – task oriented;
    – Base maintenance – system oriented;
    – The tasks allowed for base maintenance engineers – mechanical and avionics.
    Requirements for maintenance experience before licensing:
    – Duration for the first and subsequent type;
    – Nature of the experience.
    Basic knowledge requirements:
    – The subjects (Modules);
    – Knowledge levels;
    – Examination standard.
    Basic training influence on practical experience requirements;
    Endorsement with Aircraft ratings – training and practice requirements for different aircraft groups.
  4. Part-66 – Section B – Procedures for Competent Authorities
    Competent Authority in EU context;
    Issuance and changes, continued validity and renewal of AML;
    Examination by the Competent Authority;
    Revocation, suspension or limitation of the AML.


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