Master of Laws
Part – time studies

Duration – 1,5 years
Language – English
Scholarship – equal to tuition fee for the best student

Location – Vilnius, Kyiv.
Tuition fee per year: 1500 EUR (+application fee 100 EUR for non EU students)

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Double Degree

In this Program students will study one semester at a Ukrainian university, second semester at KSU, and in third semester with an optional thesis at a Ukrainian university or KSU. After completing studies, double diploma will be awarded – Master of Law (Kazimieras Simonavičius University, Lithuania) and Master of Law (Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Ukraine).

About the Programme

Where do we need more and where less Europe? What can Europe contribute to global, sustainable and socially just development? These and other questions are covered master in European and global challenges program. Students learn methodological skills and apply these to practical situations.

The program encourages students to develop a shared understanding of the complex interactions taking place within the European economy and European society. The program provides insights into the discipline of European law and also takes into account economic and sociological point of view by focusing on the interdependencies between economic trade, legal frameworks, and the social consequences for European states as well as cross-border societal development within the European Union and its neighbors. One special feature of the program is the research project in the third semester. Students are given the opportunity to work in research groups attached to faculty chairs or at an associated research facility and develop their own research proposals in the various colloquia on offer.

The Master program in European law and Global Studies is designed to produce graduates in specialized subjects at a level sufficient to take up management positions in the fields of scientific of legal and political consultation and social organisations, trade unions, industrial enterprises, international organizations and organizations active in Europe and worldwide, as well as in management pyramid and transnational institutions.

The Master program in European law and Global Studies uses the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) and, according to the ECTS, students should complete a total of 90 credits. Of this total 60 credits will be completed during the two semesters of the course and 30 credits will be gained through a master’s thesis over a period of 6 months.

Students who want to follow academic careers will be able to apply to PhD program in universities in the European Union and worldwide.

After graduation you will be able to:

  • Understand the close interactions between individual areas of regulation in a multi-level legal environment;
  • Critically evaluate the perspectives of the development of EU law, identify problems, investigate and analyze them;
  • Evaluate and analyze, on the basis of scientific methods, the regulation of individual EU internal policies;
  • Integrate the knowledge of multilevel legal regulation into a unified whole and make integrated decisions.

Career prospects

Upon completion of this program students will be able to become lawyers in public sector institutions of Lithuania or European Union, legal services companies operating in Lithuania or in Belgium, business, scientific and civic, international, public organizations, both at national and European level.

Study subjects

  • European and international protection of human rights
  • European Union Law
  • Legal aspects of Europe’s Integration into the Global Economy
  • External relations of the EU
  • Legal reasoning in the EU law
  • International and European legal framework for migration and asylum
  • International and European social security law
  • Internal market and EU citizenship law
  • Law of competition in the EU
  • Legal research methods
  • Legal project group – case study


Bachelor degree in Law

English language skills – level B2

Academic staff